Shreve Town Ghost Walk Proudly Presents...

Oakland Gravestone

Oakland Cemetery Tour

2016 Season:
May 7 thru Oct. 22


Saturdays at 1 pm;  meet in the parking lot on Milam Street east of Oakland.


Tours are appx. 90 minutes.

Haunted Shreveport!

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Welcome to Haunted Shreveport Bossier, a website created for the purpose of of documenting the historical haunted locations throughout the Shreveport-Bossier area. Many of the locations found on this website can be seen on the Shreve Town Ghost Walk. You can visit the main website here. For those of you who have come across this site by a search engine, this tour is highly recommended not just for a good ghost story, but to learn about the history of Shreveport as well. Whether you're new to the area or if you've been here all of your life, you will learn something new on the Shreve Town Ghost Walk.

Many people who take the tour for the first time have often left with a desire for more knowledge of haunted locations and legends of our community-at-large. We have attempted to cover a mix of some of the more well known hauntings as well as locations that you will hear of for the first time. These locations range from homes and buildings listed on the US Department of the Interior's National Registry of Historical Places to private homes and even property where trespassers are forbidden. Under the Louisiana Legends link, we have chronicled some of the more well known legends of the state.

Please take time to view our web pages by clicking on one of the links above. Please keep in mind that these are not all of the tales that are to be learned on the Shreve Town Ghost Walk.

Special Thanks go out to the site designers Reed Mathews, Jessica Taylor, and Brandon Beckham, the staff of Bossier High School, Mr. and Mrs. Gill of Davis House, Kathryn Usher and, of course, Mr. Steve Smith of Shreve Town Ghost Walk for their time, knowledge, and expertise in making this website possible.

Shreve Town Ghost Walk

2016 Season:
May 7 thru Oct. 22


Saturdays at 8 pm; meet at the Confederate Monument at the Caddo Courthouse, 501 Texas Street.

Tours are appx. 1 hour & 45 minutes.