The Rendall Building

Photo of the Rendall Building in Shreveport
Photo of the Rendall Building in Shreveport

Yet another building wealthy with history, the old Rendall building sits across from the Caddo Courthouse at 601 Texas Street. The original structure boasted the first refrigeration in Shreveport in the form of a refrigerated basement. Local folklore claims that the basement was used as a temporary morgue for the prisoners executed at the courthouse.

Over the years, the Rendall Building has been used as a drugstore as well as numerous pubs and restaurants. What all of the businesses have in common is the fact that none of them have managed to stay in business for very long. Poltergeist activity, such as pots and pans flying from room to room on their own as well as glasses being broken by an unseen hand have frightened off many proprietors.

Currently the building sits unoccupied, waiting for its next owner.

In addition to the Rendall Building's history for small business ventures, it has also hosted a government agency. Want to know more...TAKE THE TOUR!

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